Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are an essential piece of equipment that every student in the youth advanced classes (5:30pm) and all teens/adults (7pm M/W & 7:45pm T/TH) will be using. Whether it’s hitting the heavy bags, focus mitts with a partner, or sparring, protecting our hand’s is very important. Boxing gloves provide students with more supportive cushioning for the knuckles and improved wrist support, reducing potential injury when striking. Boxing gloves come in two type, Velcro strap and lace up. For this class, Velcro strap is recommended. 

Glove Size Chart 

60 LBS or less | Size: 4oz | RDX Gloves

60 – 80 LBS | Size: 6 oz | RDX Gloves

80 – 100 LBS | Size: 8oz-10oz | Sanabul Essential Gloves

100 – 125 LBS | Size: 12oz-14oz | Sanabul Essential Gloves

125 – 160 LBS | Size: 14oz-16oz | Sanabul Essential Gloves

160 LBS and up | Size: 16oz | Sanabul Essential Gloves